About Us

Kütahya Dumlupınar University Press, Publications and Public Relations Consultancy takes an active role in organizations such as symposiums, panels, conferences and concerts. Our consultant helps the relevant units in organizations like activity name, publication, location, tools and supplies etc.

Consultancy has been using various newspapers and visual materials for introducing our university to the public and the inside university too.

All kinds of invitations, greetings, announcements, banners, etc. related to our university are designed, prepared, printed and distributed to relevant places by Press, Publications and Public Relations Consultancy.

Also each year Press, Publications and Public Relations Consultancy organizes the opening and graduation ceremonies of our university jointly with the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports and we carry out the announcement and performance of these ceremonies.

Consultancy makes related correspondences and regulates relations of our university between higher education institutions, other universities, press organs, official, private and legal persons or institutions.


Last Update Date: 27 August 2018, Monday